Greenlawn Hardware, Co., Inc.

Your hometown hardware store for 50 years


The Greenlawn Hardware Co. is a store and a location that has stood the test of time.

Manny has been operating the Greenlawn Hardware Co. at this location for the past 45 years, but the history of the store goes back even farther. The building was constructed in 1868 (yes, 1868!) by Hezikiah Howarth, who opened a General Store at this location, opposite the newly-built Long Island Rail Road Station.

Later, Henry I. Smith, and then W. J. Goodale, who installed Greenlawn’s first telephone, ran the business. Local entrepreneur John Deans acquired the business in 1899, expanded the building and added new merchandise. Deans was considered the defacto mayor of Greenlawn, a civic volunteer and booster who tirelessly promoted the town. He also constructed the building on the corner of Smith and Main Street (which now houses Ruvo’s Italian restaurant) where he moved his business for a time. His slogan for the store “Where Everyone Gets a Square Deal” reflects the tradition of service that the current owners still maintain.

In the photo galley above, you can see some of the ads for the store from The Long Islander newspaper. How the stores offerings have changed! But the tradition of old-fashioned service to its customers is still the same, and remains steadfast and true — just like the old hardwood floors throughout the store.